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509 million euros of foreign investments harvested in Portugal thanks to the program of “Golden Visa”.



CPCI - Portuguese Confederation of Construction and Real Estate, highlights the positive evolution of the Golden Visa program, which has raised 509 million euros of investment in the first half of 2016, an increase of 111% compared to last year.


In June 2016, 99 million euros of new investments were identified, of which 86 million are related to the acquisition of real estate. So we recorded since the beginning of the implementation of this program 2.203 million euros of investment, for which 90%, or 1.985 million euros where related to the acquisition of real estate.


As indicated Reis Campos, president of the CPCI, this news is very positive, but were not surprising because of the current attraction for Portuguese real estate in international level. This program so often criticized internationally for its highly permissive for tax purposes, is considered by the Portuguese authorities as one of the most powerful tools to attract investors, considering the complex international economic situation.


Portugal now offers a real estate asset quality park with very competitive international prices, excellent infrastructure, a mild climate, security and a unique social environment. A set of attributes which the Lusitanian government intends to capitalize to attract more investors.