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Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal, lying in the western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean, and the River Tagus.  Most of the Portuguese expeditions of the Age of Discovery left from Lisbon during the 14th and 15th centuries. Today it is a city of contrasts and one of the greatest cultural center of Europe.

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    Marie C. - Neuilly sur Seine

  • "Albertina was the perfect real estate agent for us, like she will be for you. She is serious, always listening, rigorous and with an amazing knowledge of the local real estate market. Our family warmly thanks him for the dream property he helped us find. "

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Financing your Property Purchase in Portugal

Should you need financing for your purchase, we strongly advise that you first contact a Lender before any other step.

Being informed on Portuguese Laws and Administrative Procedures

You must become familiar with Real Estate Portuguese law, particularly regarding the purchase of a property by a foreigner, and obtain a Portuguese Tax Payer Number.

 During your stay in Lisbon, our Agency will help you with these administrative procedures, to avoid any translation issues. We will also help you to obtain all documents that are required from the Seller.


Borrowing from a Portuguese bank

This is the simplest solution and the one we recommend as it is easier to proceed. You can choose from a variety of Portuguese banks in your own country such as:


lisbon real estate La Caixa Géral Dépositos (CGD)

lisbon real estate La BCP Millémiun

lisbon real estate La BPI

lisbon real estate La BESV (groupe Novo Banco)


You have two options :

lisbon real estate Backing by a qualified organization

lisbon real estate A mortgage on the property being bought

A 20% to 30% down deposit of the total purchase amount is generally required and the bank will nominate an appraiser before the sale, to validate the price of the property. 

We recommend that you require the bank to perform the appraisal before the signature of the loan, as quite a few documents will have to be provided to that lending establishment in order to verify the identity of the owner and whether he is debt free. This prevents any issues to arise before the signature of the Contract of Sale. 


The following documents must be provided

lisbon real estate Certificação Energética de Edifícios e Qualidade do Ar Interior (energy consumption certificate)

lisbon real estate Ownership certificate, called “Certidão de Registo do Imóvel”. This document is obtained at the Conservatoria do Registo Predial (“Real Estate Registry Conservatory) of the property location and must indicate its complete address

This document proves that the seller is actually truly the owner of the property. The property certificate indicates also whether there are liens or other loans on the property. If nothing is mentioned on the certificate, it confirms that the property can be acquired free of any objections or issues.

lisbon real estate Alvará da Licença de Utilização (Inhabitancy Authorization) and Licenças de Construção e de Habitação do imóvel (“Building and Inhabitancy Permit”). This document is available at the Câmara Municipal (“City Hall”) of the property location. The document will confirm that the property was built and renovated legally.

lisbon real estate Cardenata predial urbana (Real Estate Notebook). This document is very much like a property Identification Card and provides an accurate sectional plan of the apartment or the house.